API Centric Approach to Control Plane Communications

Since the apps world itself is expanding day-by-day with enterprises creating their own custom apps. Hence, making the forwarding plane intelligent, completely app aware and flexible is not an approach which always determines the Shortest path as the best path without any real time traffic intelligence.

The above mentioned is precisely a singular use-case which depicts that in capabilities of traditional routing protocols and forces the point that API needs to be in place via which controller can let the edge devices know how to deal with the traffic

The reason why we choose APIs is that they are just too powerful and flexible than designing yet another networking protocol. Web scale architecture in the world wide web has already shown us how easy, reliable and extensible it is to use REST based APIs (which are loosely coupled) to convey both the business logic and the data from one app to another.

ScaleAOn SD-WAN is completely built using 100% RESTful APIs, where every edge node talks to the central controller using REST based APIs. The controller via these APIs distributes the knowledge of which all subnets are present behind which site and also provides K viable paths to reach the remote private subnets.

Why ScaleAOn?

Best Way to Classify Application

We classify applications systems in a comprehensive set of applications and application categories, organized by categories and underlying technologies. Enabling you to transition to an application aware routing model and explicitly define which applications and application functions are allowed.

Supported applications in the system range from Enterprise UC, (Skype, ,Go to Meeting) Email, Drive, Internet Browsing, IOT ( Videos, Cameras , Biometrics), Enterprise SAAS , etc. Custom applications can be configured to create your own Application ID for internal or custom enterprise applications. “Uncategorized” which is unrecognized by predefined and custom Application IDs, can be treated as its own category and explicitly managed with a variety of enforcement options based on your organization’s risk profile.

Policies like ACL, QoS, Traffic Forwarding, Traffic rate limiting can also specify the dynamic application filters that apply enforcement to groups of applications that meet a combination of criteria. Specific SaaS Applications can utilize local Internet breakout options for better application experience for end users.



Case Study Godrej

Download the case study to find out how Godrej transformed their network using Lavelle Networks SD-WAN solution across multiple branches.


Datasheet ScaleAOn SD-WAN 10.0

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