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Case Studies


Kalupur Bank

Achieved 70% cost savings along with enhanced visibility, manageability, network uptime, and QoS across all branches.


Havells - Unbeatable scale and speed

Transformed network & achieved nearly 100% uptime across all branches using SD-WAN.



Network transformation using Lavelle Networks SD-WAN solution across multiple branches.


Gokak Mills

Improved its application and network performance using SD-WAN.



Transformed it's WAN with a vision to elevate the quality of life for consumers by offering unparalleled convenience.


MaxLife Insurance

Achieved key goals for WAN transformation across its multiple branches.


Retail Digital Transformation 2.0

1200+ Retail Store chain underwent a Network Transformation to meet the demands of the Cloud era.


Connecting Public Health Care with SD-WAN

Impact a national project at scale, and proving that India will go digital faster than anyone can imagine .

Technical Docs


ScaleAOn SD-WAN 10.0 Datasheet

ScaleAOn SD-WAN is the next generation SD-WAN platform and the most comprehensive portfolio for transforming your enterprise network. The architecture empowers your network with unbeatable Scale at great speed and keeps it running - Always On.


Product Brochure

SDN solutions that are the most scalable and agile, as compared to any other SD-WAN product. Download the brochure to get more details.


State of SD-WAN in India Report 2020

In this report, we bring to you a distilled analysis of the sweeping phenomenon of SD-WAN in the Indian enterprise market.


Intel Network Builders - Lavelle Networks Solution Brief

Legacy MPLS services are highly reliable for access to data center applications but are easily congested with cloud data. Lavelle’s ScaleAon SD-WANs offload cloud traffic to IP networks for exceptional performance while helping maintain quality security.

White Papers


ScaleAOn SD-WAN for Logistics Industry

This document provides an overview of Lavelle Networks ScaleAOn Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution to connect numerous locations of a logistics company with data centers


ScaleAOn SD-WAN for Pharmaceutical Industry

SD-WAN solution to connect various entities of the ecosystem of a pharmaceutical company


ScaleAOn SD-WAN for Public Sector

SD-WAN solution to connect remote facilities, corporate offices, plants, mines, etc. of public sector units (PSUs) with data centers, disaster recovery sites, and resources on public cloud(s)


ScaleAOn SD-WAN for Manufacturing Industry

SD-WAN solution to connect the Manufacturing factories, warehouses, service centers and branch offices to Data Center, Disaster Recovery Data Center and other private resources of Company on public cloud(s)


SASE- The Future of SD-WAN & Network Security

A combination of network-as-a-service capabilities such as SD-WAN, WAN optimization, etc. and the Security-as-a-Service such as SWG, CASB, FWaaS, etc.


ScaleAOn SD-WAN for Banking Industry

SD-WAN solution to connect the Retail Branch Locations, Corporate Locations and ATMs to Data Center, Disaster Recovery Data Center and other private resources of a Bank on public cloud(s)


ZTP – Zero Touch Provisioning

WAN edge or branch networking has been traditionally a manual and complex IT maintenance activity.


Designing India's Leap Into Digital Economy

The state of SD-WAN adoption in India and key insights into next generation networking technology designed to help India leapfrog into the digital economy.



An Introduction to SD-WAN

Read about what SD-WAN technology is, how it benefits your organization and a comparison of SD-WAN with MPLS, VPN and P2P


Demystifying MPLS

SA deeper look at MPLS, and explain it in today's language, so you can make the best decisions for your enterprise network.



Unfold Lavelle Networks revolutionary flagship technology - ScaleAOn – Cloud controlled SD-WAN that simplifies the complex art of creating scalable VPNs.


Implementing Software Defined WAN

Get insights from the team which pulled off the world’s most grueling SD-WAN transition of 1000 locations in two weeks.


Lavelle Networks SD-WAN Solution

CloudStation - Lavelle Networks SD WAN Solution

First Router to First SD-WAN in India

Product Innovation Startups Support in India

Enterprise Networking- The Software Resurgence!

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